Archetypal Movement Patterns

What is an Archetypal Movement? I start with a basic list of 5 movements, the squat, the hip hinge (bending at the waist), the lunge, the shoulder overhead press/pull, and the shoulder horizontal press/pull. These are movement patterns that are fundamental to your health and wellness because they express the full range of motion of the joints in your arms, pelvis and legs, while challenging your core to provide dynamic and static stability to the spine. Deficits in these motions are predictive of injury. These are movements that we should all have access to, regardless of age, and injury history. 

The Squat

How to Fix Your Squat

Knee Pain With Squatting

Do your knees hurt when squatting? Watch this video to get your patella (knee cap) tracking "back in the groove!"

Groin/Hip Pain With Squatting

Hip or groin pain with squatting? Watch these videos to get the most effective way to Free up the hip flexor complex.

Pinching in the hips? One or both hips feels blocked when squatting? This video will free up the hips and get you squatting below parallel.


Difficulty squatting to depth? Foot or achillies pain? Clear up those stiff ankles with this video

Low Back Pain or Tightness with Squatting

Low Back pain or tightness with squatting? Try these stretches

The Overhead Press/Pull

How to Fix Your Overead Press / Pull

If you have pain with overhead movement try this self release of the teres minor

This will stregthen the the Tere Minor, 1 of 4 muscles of the rotator cuff.

Activation of the Serratus Anterior

Rotator Cuff Rotations