Low Back Pain

A Movement Solution

The question is, why and how does movement help with offsetting the degeneration of our lumbar discs.? The answer has to do with our spinal mechanics. Again, the resting posture of our lumbar spine is oriented towards extension. This is helpful in dissipating force and providing stability. However, as the lumbar discs degenerate, this orients our lumbar spine into even more extension, causing the facet joint and nerve irritation. This excessive extension needs to be offset with flexion. 

Seated Flexion

  • Perform 3 X daily and as needed for pain.
  • Perform 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions
  • Hold the stretch briefly at the bottom of the movement.

Once we have restored the lumbar spine’s ability to flex and we have the pain moving in the right direction, it is time to focus on restoring the rotation. Rotation is a combination of flexion and extension. For example, when I rotate my spine to the right, the left side of my spine must flex, while the right side of my spine must extend. 

Supine Rotations

  • Perform 3 X daily and as needed for pain.
  • Perform 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions Per side.
  • Hold the stretch briefly at the end of the rotation.

If the exercises above have helped, don’t stop now. Try my on-line program. This program will progress you through more challenging and effective exercises to restore your low back mobility. If you have:

  • Low back pain upon waking
  • Low back pain after working out
  • Low back pain while sitting or after standing up
  • Low back pain while walking or standing

……this program is perfect for you.

Low Back Pain - A Movement Solution

On-Line Program

Watch this Video to learn how about our online back program.

  • 6 week self-guided, on-line program
  • 6 Exercises, 3 Stretches = 30 min per day
  • Guided videos with written cues for each exercise and stretch
  • Email communication with the program designer, Dr. Dereck Steffe, DPT
  • One-time cost: $50

Upon completion of this 6 week program you will be able to:

  • Confidently return to the active lifestyle you want and need.
  • Move into and out of spinal flexion and rotation.
  • Sit, stand, lift, walk, run, ski, etc.
  • Advance to PHASE 2 to of “Low Back Pain - A Movement Solution.”

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