Dr. Dereck Steffe DPT, MBA

About Return to Sport Physio

Dereck Steffe, a leading Physical Therapist in Evergreen Colorado, founded Return To Sport Physio in order to address the needs of health-conscious, active individuals living in the Front Range. Dereck was frustrated working in clinics that treated 3-4 patients an hour, working with insurance companies that dictated his treatment style, and working with doctors who just wanted their patients to, "rest," take medication, or have surgery.  

Dereck founded Return To Sport Physio in order to provide one-on-one treatment sessions to get his patients out of pain. He follows up every treatment session with a patient discussion detailing what was accomplished, what the patient will be doing at home to advance their care and what the next treatment session will entail. This one-on-one treatment style is as unique to the Front Range area as it is effective. 

What can you expect from Return to Sport Physio?

One-on-one, hour long sessions in a private studio setting.

Direct communication with Dr. Dereck Steffe via email, text or phone call 7 days a week.

A therapist that “walks the walk,” and understands the unique needs of his active, athletic patients.